About us

NICH Cycling is the first Thai bicycle company to offer professional-level road racing equipment such as carbon bicycle frames and carbon racing wheels.

As passionate cyclists we have always understood that road racing bicycle equipment can be prohibitively expensive for amateur riders. That’s why we were the first Thai company to produce carbon racing wheels and road frames back in 2010, as an alternative and more affordable choice for Thai racers. Since then numerous competitors who have used our wheels and bikes have achieved great success on local and international circuits.

We remain committed to develop the best racing equipment we can. We work closely with our engineers and we test ride every product ourselves to make sure they all perform perfectly. Our goal is to strike the balance between value and performance so that everyone can ride race ready wheels and frames without having to spend crazy money.

Our frames are hand-painted in our Bangkok workshop, incorporating unique Eastern art paintwork. Our wheels are laced and built by seasoned local wheel builders.

We pride ourselves not only on our products and their performance but equally importantly on our after-sale service. This is the heart and soul of Nich Cycling.