Every single NICH product, be it carbon or aluminium wheel or frame, undergoes extensive design and testing procedures before it’s ready to be shipped to our customers. Our priorities are performance and the safety of our products. We start by drafting and drawing, then moulding and lab testing to make sure the equipment meets or exceeds the industry standard. After we perfect a prototype, we test the equipment internally as well as sending samples for our pro-team to field-test and provide feedback. We then continually adjust the specs from the feedback we have until we are satisfied. Only then when our products will be ready for production and general purchase.

 Carbon Fiber

Our partner factory utilises high quality Mitsubishi carbon fibre sheets and we select appropriate modulus for the specific parts of bikes and wheels. We use high-modulus fibre for the areas that require stiffness and responsiveness, whilst reinforcing them with strong fibre in the areas that require strength. This gives us the best possible balance for performance and durability in all of our carbon frames and wheels. We also use special resin for wheels’ sidewall to withstand heat buildup from excessive braking.

The Double-Moulding technology we use reduces fibre excess inside the carbon tube. This process gives us accurate control and optimisation, reducing excess materials that might result in unwanted weight and weak joints. For our aluminium product, we use CNC technology for the best use of material and balance between weight, aesthetic, and performance.


All of our top-end carbon bikes are hand-painted in the Nich Bangkok workshop. Here at Nich Cycling we want your bike to be more than just a racing machine and therefore we impart our painter’s artistic style and vision on every NICH carbon frame.

Aluminum Frame

Despite the advanced developments in composite materials, we still strongly believe in the use of aluminium as a bicycle material for its durability, strength, comfort and price. We have used use 6066 and 6061 aluminium in the build of our entire aluminium KEM frame range since 2014.
The frames are welded by experienced welders, using thin and light aluminium tubing, resulting in high performance aluminium racing frames.