1. Products under warranty. The product warranty provided by Nich covers the following products under Nich brand: carbon frames, aluminum frames, carbon forks and wheel-sets.

2. Defects covered by the product warranty. The product warranty applies to defects linked to the material used for the production of the defective product or any defects linked to the production chain.

3. Warranty period. A three (3) year warranty applies for carbon frames, aluminium frames and the corresponding carbon forks and a one (1) year warranty applies to wheel-sets and paint-work of both carbon an aluminium frames.

4. Claim under warranty. (i) For any claim under the product warranty, it is requested to contact your Nich distributor directly. In case of direct purchase at Nich’s head-office or online purchase using the official Nich website, the product warranty can be claimed directly at Nich’s head-office using contact details available on the website.

(ii) Either Nich head-office or the Nich distributor as applicable and mentioned above is responsible to provide the adequate warranty services, including treating any claim with respect to the product warranty, and will at his own appreciation proceed to the repair or if applicable replacement of any defective products covered by the warranty.

(iii) With respect to the one (1) product warranty covering the paint-work of both carbon and aluminium frames, the warranty applies to defects affecting craftsmanship only and not the normal wear and tear or improper use of the product. In the occurrence of a paint-work defect, Nich or its distributor as applicable, will elect either to repair the defect with a new paint-work or replace the product, subject to the appreciation of the Nich expert in order to provide the best result.

(iv) In case the product under warranty, three (3) years or one (1) as applicable, is no longer available in stock and produced for any reasons and if the product requires replacement, the customer will receive an equivalent product in terms of quality and material corresponding to a similar model under production at this time of the claim.

5. Limitation. (i) The product warranty applies only and strictly within the limits of the proper use of the product according to the maintenance and care instructions issued by Nich and recommended by the Nich distributor.

(ii) The product warranty does not include and cover the following occurrences:

Normal wear and tear and corrosion due to sweat

Improper assembly of the frame, components

Repairs that are not proper and that are not been made according to the maintenance and care instructions provided by Nich

Installation of components, parts, or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the bicycle as sold

Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect

Labor charges for part replacement or changeover

6. No further extension. In case of the repair or replacement of a product under warranty, this warranty shall not be extended further from the replacement date but remains the warranty provided at the effective purchase date.

7. Information request. Any additional request or information concerning the product warranty provided by Nich can be addressed to our head-office via e-mail.