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News Model of 2023


All NEW ATEM4Wheelset

 We have been developing our carbon racing wheels for more than 8 years, with the first wheels launched back in 2011. This has given us extensive knowledge and experience on what makes an outstanding rim. From humble beginnings we now have our own mould for carbon rims, with design aid from a PHD professor in Aerodynamics from Kasetsart University. Our wheels are manufactured in Taiwan by a world class carbon wheels manufacturer.

Our partner factory is well versed in wheel making, with an in-house carbon fibre weaving machine and unique resin blends. Nich cycling visited the production factory to observe the wheel making process to ensure the quality is top notch. Unlike many OEM carbon rims available online coming from unknown factories that lack quality guarantee, we work extensively with our partner to get the right rims to build the wheels on. Our brake track can withstand continuous heat build-up (from long-descending) up to 250 degrees Celsius without delamination nor structural failure.

Part of the reasons we put so much emphasis on our wheels’ safety is because the roads in Thailand are notorious for being poorly constructed, especially mountain roads which tend to be badly engineered. This results in long and steep descent through mountain passes requiring the rims to be structurally strong and have good heat dissipation capability in order not to melt the rim. We want to make sure our customers descend fast, but safe and sound.

Atem4 Wheelset Nich

Wide profile rim, tubeless supported

Our clincher rims are 27mm width measured from the brakerack and 21mm inner width. Wide rims ensure good crosswind handling as the sideforce is less susceptible to U-Shape rim design demonstrated in world-class competitors from Zipp, Hed, and ENVE. We have our own proprietary U-Shape design. Our clincher rims also support tubeless tire.

Quality hub, bearings and spokes.

Our hub uses high grade steel bearings from a Taiwan famous manufacturer. The roundness is top notch and can be said to be stronger and rounder than low-end ceramic alternatives. We also use Sapim CX-Ray spokes to ensure good spoke strength. The wheels are built by our experienced wheel builders in our Bangkok workshop.