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At Nich cycling, we try our best to fulfil this vision.....,

 we love cycling as much as you do, and we understand how much fun it is to ride the bike you love. We work with a group of the most experienced engineers and composite experts to develop high performance bicycle frames and wheels. The frames are built in Taiwanese factories or other quality assured factories. Despite all of this, we endeavour to hit a price point that doesn’t break the bank or require big business sponsorship just to ride a bike.


Once the frames are delivered to our Thai HQ we pay careful attention to the finish of your bike.....

we let our in-house design team of talented local artists use their artistic license to create and hand paint our unique paint schemes. We also have all of our wheels, both carbon and aluminium hand-built by experienced wheel builders in-house.

I'm not a professional bike racer.

I'm not an engineer, but cycling has always been my passion. I hope to apply my love of cycling, art and craftsmanship into developing good affordable products that benefit society, bringing my childhood dream, which I share with cyclists around the world, into reality.

Chinatip Boonchokhirunmetha - Nich Cycling, CEO