Intro Page

Imagine when you are riding at the local park,

concentrating on pedaling technique and perfect gear ratio. You picture yourself a chaser, hunting down that last breakaway. This is thrilling. The race is on.


At Nich Cycling, we try our best to fulfill this vision.


We love cycling as much as you do, and we understand how fun it is to ride the bike you love. We work with one of the most experience engineers and composite experts to develop high performance bicycle frames and wheels. We try to hit a good price point where you don't have to break the bank, or sponsored by big companies just to ride a bicycle.


Once we get the frames delivered to our Thai headquarter,

 we let our painters work their magic. While the frame is built in Taiwan factory, they are painted in our Bangkok workshop from talented local artists. We also hand build all our aluminum and carbon wheels here by
experienced wheel builder.


" I'm not a professional bike racer.

I did not have an engineering degree, but cycling has always been in my blood. By developing innovative cycling products, I hope to change society little by little, fulling children's dream of cycling, just like when I was a child. "

Chinatip Boonchokhirunmetha - Nich Cycling, CEO

We bring together the design sensibility of the far east,

together with advanced composite engineering and great customer service. This allows us to offer a unique, high performance racing bike at an extremely competitive price point.