Nason Thai training camp 2016 with Japanese professional riders

May 27, 2016

NHK camera man shooting some footage about Japan Professional Rider Camp in Thailand.

Story by Leo Hyang, Nich-100Plus Cycling Team

Hello ladies and gentleman. Nason Thai training camp was end. After 1 month no cycling and strom of disappointment not good for myself. High motivation? and good condition? I hope so now. On season training camp new and familiar raiders was here. Training here is hard as usual around Chiang rai, Phayao and Nan.


Hot rain and humidity is our friend. ☀️☔️Bad road, puncture and danger area you have to take care yourself. Training with two strong rider is double hard in different training course. 200 kilometer training or more is normal here. Here my total training.


14 days 

Distance 1702 km

Evl. 9231 m

Total Times 54.23 hr

Now ready to roll? I dont know. But for hard training yes! I'm ok. But now I need to rest.

Thank you Nakagawa san, Noi san, Yukiya, Doi san next time Doi Chang together lol, Omote, 横塚浩平, 3K from Bon Chance.  hope to see you again. Mata Ne.


Leo & Yukiya Arashiro from Lempre Merida Team


Mr.Nakasawa head coach of the camp.


Plan the route


Yukihiro Doi
Yukihiro Doi, Ex-rides of Argos Shimano


Some speed of moto pace session.

Dinner together


At Thai-Laos boarder, Leo and Japanese U23 riders (Omote)


(From left) Yukiya, Doi and Leo