Review of Nich Legend4 and Atem4s wheelset

January 17, 2023

Review of Nich Legend4 and Atem4s wheelset by Shane Goodhew (Australian)

Review Testimonial Nich Legend4 Atem4s
So I’ve now ridden around 16,000 k’s on my Nich Cycling Legend4, so I guess I can give a bit of a long term in depth review, right?!

Feel: The first thing I noticed about this bike was the handling when going downhill, it felt much more secure than previous big brand bikes that I have ridden, and other riders have said the same thing. It’s a very stiff road bike that hasn’t lost much stiffness even with a relatively large amount of riding done (roughly 500-600km a week since I got it).

Aerodynamics: The Legend 4 fits well in this new hybrid style of bikes that tries to find the balance of aero and lightweight disc (think SL7, TCR etc) and I think it fits this bill very well. I’ve done some of my best times up good climbs with this bike, and I’ve also ridden very fast on flat roads and found it to be nice and aero. The aerodynamics is doubled down with the integrated handlebar system that you get when purchasing the bike. Having a one piece integrated system not only looks very nice but does add to the aerodynamics of the bike.

I’ve also been using Nich’s Atem 4 60mm wheels for most of my riding which has added to the speed on flat and rolling roads.

Look: obviously it’s a beautiful bike. But what I like most about what Nich is offering is that each bike colourway is absolutely customisable for each individual. I got the skywalker blue, but I’ve seen some absolute bangers come out of the factory recently with some insane colourways that made me want another one 😂

Customer Service (very important): due to the nature of cycling, things are always going to end up wearing down or needing a replacement. I recently replaced the bearings in my headset after wet season and I contacted Nich to help me with the size etc. Nich cycling isn’t a major corporation, it’s a business run by riders for riders, and they are very passionate about their products. If there’s an issue they want to solve it with as much resolve as the rider does. Response is pretty much instant and the solutions are available very quickly which is not always the case in this industry.

So to sum it up, I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a solid all rounder that looks and feels the part but you don’t want to spend a tonne of cash. It’s the bike I’ve most enjoyed since I started riding.